mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Vesalius Revisited by Filip Sterckx

Vesalius Revisited from Filip Sterckx on Vimeo.


This post is related to this post "Wired font". This is for illustrate, how the object can tell whatever you want on whenever you want. Here, when the light is off we see just some shapes made of strings. But when you turn on the light you discover some numbers. So that why I want to relate this to "Wired font". Because I was thinking about putting cables together on a messy manner, and then by turning on a specific cable, you discover the sign you want.


dimanche 9 septembre 2012


This is a blog where I'll post some research for my Media Environment Design Studio Course. There's two subjects, the first one is "Sign visual communication on modern environment" and the other one is "Enable a connection between the environment and location".